Bugle Bead Kippah - My newest and favorite!
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Available are stunning beaded headcoverings perfect for the bride, Kippot for women, and any other perfect special occasion you can imagine.  You can either order one custom made in the colors you desire at the low, low price starting at $45.00 each plus s&h of $12.00.  The Wire wrapped kippot shown bottom right is available only as shown in black and gold.  Another option would be to order instructions and make them yourselves easily at the low, low cost of $10.00.  They are delivered via e-mail (Word Document) and have no shipping charges.  Another option is I can come to your group and give instruction and bring supplies for your group to make these lovely headcoverings.  I am in the Philadelphia area.   1/7/09 I taught this to a class in Cherry Hill.  See photos below.  It was a blast! 
This lovely item has clear crystals and glow in the dark light green crystals.  As shown with crystals, cost is $45.00 plus shipping.
Beautiful headcovering with white pearls with tourquoise and purple stones.  Cost depends on the stones you choose.
Beautiful headcovering with white pearls, tourquoise crystal and clear crystal stones.  As shown, price is $45.00 plus shipping.
This lovely headcovering had white pearls, gold and purple (large & smaller) stones.  Depending on stones chosen, cost is $45.00 plus shipping.
This is lovely with the white pearls and amethyst crystal and clear crystal stones.  With these stones, price is $45.00 plus shipping
Stunning headcovering with off white pearls, gold beads and tiger eye stones.  Price depends on the current cost of stones in this classification.
Bugle Bead Kippah - My newest and favorite.
Wire Wrapped headcovering made with gold and black 20 gauge wire with white pearls and gold stones.  Only Black and Gold available as shown.  Cost is $50.00 @ plus shipping.
Please note...The above samples are not genuine stones - if genuine stones are requested, prices are higher than pricing mentioned above.  
Beautiful Beaded Head Coverings 

Designed by Deborah Burman Carasso

Special crocheted kippot - additional charges apply.  This is blue wire with purple, pink, white and clear beads.  Stunning!  Cost is $55.00 plus shipping as the wire is more pricey and uses much more of it.
In red blouse is Arlene Diane Spector, creator of Magnificient Kutubot
On January 7, 2010, I taught a class on the beaded kippa with mostly pearls.  It was held at the Delaware Valley Pomegranate Guild meeting held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.  There are chapters nationwide.  
Deborah taught us the beaded kippa, different design, recently.  I think you teach well, you are very talented and patient, more than I could be and I think you are a very good teacher, hands on and calm and if you have to explain things ten times, you do it.  Whether or not you are happy about it is another story, but you keep it to yourself. 

Rebecca Marcus - Masorot Chapter of Pomegranate Guild, Philadelphia, PA
I love Deborah's creative and inspired kippot.  She was fun to work with and I'm very pleased with the product.  Thank you Deborah!  
Suzie Massey - Bethesda, Maryland